If you are staying in one of the best hotels in Tulum, something you can’t miss is to visit the archaeological site of Coba, a hidden area among the immensity of the Mayan jungle and which is located just 47 km from Tulum.

And if you are still looking for reasons to know “why” you should visit this area, then keep reading because we will answer you right now.



In ancient times Coba was a remarkable city among the Mayas that was built between the years 500 and 900, with a population that began almost two thousand years ago.

Right in the province of Tulum in Quintana Roo is located the town of Coba, where the famous archaeological ruins of Coba are located, it is a town that has a variety of attractions to see and where you can do various interesting activities.

A characteristic that stands out in Cobá is that it is a place in the Riviera Maya somewhat isolated from mass tourism, allowing the inhabitants of the area to live at a more relaxed pace, surrounded by nature.

For those who wish to visit Cobá, getting to this site is not difficult at all, since it is accessible from different tourist destinations such as Playa del Carmen, Tulum or Cancun, even using public transportation; although what is most recommended is to opt for guided tours.

coba tulum

Various activities that can be done in Cobá

If you are wondering if it is really worth visiting Coba, we leave you with a list of things to do here.

Contemplate Nohoch Mul

The tallest pyramid in Yucatan, which is 42 meters high. The recommendation is to visit it and climb its sacred stairs, which provide a feeling of vertigo and amazement at the same time.

When you reach the top, from there you can contemplate the aerial view of the site and appreciate all the green majesty of the place.

Exploring the site

Due to the great extension of the archaeological site of Cobá, the recommendation is to explore the site with enough time, so that you can recognize the cultural heritage of great value that it offers.

Another unmissable place is to visit the oldest network of stone roads in the Mayan world, also known as white roads or saché. Delving into the origins of the Mayan civilization is an adventure not to be missed.

The Mayan stone stelae can also be appreciated while touring the various constructions of this enigmatic city; they are messages that the Mayan civilization left on the rocks.

Another activity that offers a lot of fun is to venture into the pre-Columbian past of the Coba jungle, where physical activity and nature are combined while practicing certain sports and activities such as:


It is a sport that is usually practiced thanks to the great extension of territory, the ideal is to do it accompanied with guides due to the intricate terrain and given the ecological characteristics of the area.

Riding a bicycle

Depending on the visitor’s preference, the archaeological zone can be visited on foot or by bicycle.


This activity is available in Cobá, it is a fun descent through a cable that extends from a high tree to a smaller one.


The jungle area of Coba has lakes and rivers where you can experience canoeing, it is certainly a refreshing adventure.


A very relaxing activity in the middle of nature that can be enjoyed alone or as a couple is sailing in canoes on a calm lake surrounded by vegetation.


Coba is the area you have to visit if you are looking for family, outdoor, eco-tourist, historical and cultural activities. Now, if you are in the city of Cancun, don’t forget that we have a private shuttle service and we can help you get to Coba from Cancun.

So don’t just visit this incredible place in the Riviera Maya, don’t just visit Coba.

What to do in Tulum?

Tulum, one of the most relevant and magical coastal cities in Mexico, this city is located in the Yucatan Peninsula, where we will find many resorts and even Mayan history, not to mention its beautiful beaches and natural views, which are the most important and remarkable of the area.

What to do in Tulum
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What to do in Tulum

This amazing city has one of the best preserved stone structures in the region, it also has ruins, an ancient Mayan port, clear beaches and a beautiful national park, here you can never get bored or miss a view that will leave you mesmerized.

Here we will leave you with a list of the 15 best things to do and visit while in Tulum so you can enjoy your trip and stay to the fullest.

Kaan Luum Lagoon            

The kaan luum lagoon is one of the most important places in the Caribbean city of Tulum, this is a huge water sinkhole that is surrounded by nature and other flora, specifically surrounded by jungle and fauna of the area. This is a perfect place to relax and distract yourself from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Tulum Mayan Ruins

The Mayan Ruins of Tulum are considered one of the most magical and memorable places in the entire coastal city, to live a better experience and learn a little more about the town we recommend you to go with a tour and they can explain everything about the archaeological site, here you will find the Castillo del Mar, which is quite recognized as a well preserved stone structure.

What to do in Tulum - Tulum Mayan Ruins
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Cenotes Dos Ojos

This location is beautiful, all the people who have been there have fallen in love so we are sure you will too, we recommend you to visit this beautiful natural cenote with a tour or guide to enjoy the whole tour with more security, you can even snorkel to enjoy a little more of everything that is there.

Sac Actun Cenotes

These cenotes have a great variety of underwater caves with crystal clear water and great underwater life where you will have the opportunity to dive and admire these rock formations, here you can share with the rest of the people and a guide to have better information about the place.

Great Cenote

This could be the best known cenote in Tulum and it has about 200 miles of extension, here you can find beautiful marine life and lots of flora to admire, besides having crystal clear water which will facilitate the experience of observing all around.

What to do in Tulum -Great Cenote
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Cenote House

One of the best cenotes in the region, located over some of the largest underwater caves in the city, with a lot of fauna and flora that will make you fall in love in less than a minute, it has a large space and around it a lot of crystal clear water that will leave you wanting to return.

Cenotes Casa Tortuga Tulum

The Cenotes Casa Tortuga Tulum has connections between three cenotes, this gives a better experience, which can last much longer if you go with the right guide for the occasion. This has two caverns within these cenotes and explore a little more of these, besides having an open cenote so it has more clarity and will be a different experience that you will always remember.

Paradise Beach

One of the best known and most beautiful beaches in Tulum, it is known to have spectacular views of the archaeological sites and ruins because it is very close to these locations, besides it has crystal clear water and white sand to the delight of those who are visiting.

What to do in Tulum - Paradise Beach
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Ziggy Beach

This Caribbean beach in the city of Tulum is much more commercial than those previously mentioned, this is not only beautiful for the color of its water or the color of its sand, but it is also surrounded by nightclubs to have fun with friends or meet new people, besides that this location also has a variety of food places that will brighten up the moment and will make you remember their fantastic dishes, another thing to know is that you can find several pools nearby to continue with the fun.

Tulum Beach

One of the best rated beaches and best quality based on experiences, there you can find turquoise waters and perfect white sand to enjoy its beautiful views, it has beautiful palm trees that make it a much more Caribbean place and also has many fishing boats around it, which you can see while the waves break on the shore.

Mayan Beach

One of the most beautiful and unique beaches, and we say this not only for its beautiful clear turquoise water and soft white sand, we also say it for the unique experience of having Mayan temples around to marvel at the views of these, and not only that but we also have the Mayan markets in the location, which will offer you crafts and things of their culture so you can feel part of it.

Punta Laguna Reserve

This natural reserve called Punta Laguna is amazing if you want to experience new things, not only to walk through the protected jungle but also to observe the well preserved species of howler monkeys and spider monkeys; you can visit this natural reserve with the help of a professional guide.

Punta Laguna Reserve

Tulum National Park

In Tulum National Park you will find archaeological sites to enjoy and to remember the rest of the trip, besides you will find Mayan areas in perfect condition with a nature trail to learn about the history of the town and its culture.

Tulum Tower

As its name suggests, this is a tower in Tulum to admire the entire Caribbean city of Mexico, here you can eat several things, learn a little about the history and culture in addition to taking some magical photos to remember such a splendid trip through the region, you will be completely in love with the views, just watching the sunset and the ruins from the height you will want to keep going frequently to this place and be able to distract yourself a little more.

Sfer Ik Tulum

This is a very well known place among those who admire art and want to learn much more about it, we could say that it is a gallery for its amazing variety of relevant pieces, besides that the building where these works are located is considered with great architectural value by the shape of its construction and its coating in glass vibra, this allows greater vision throughout the place thanks to the natural light.


Tulum has some beautiful locations and places of which you will fall in love and enjoy like never before, it is said that here you can find the best beaches in the Caribbean and even the best fauna and flora in the entire region, with a variety of options for your enjoyment, not only will you have natural spaces, you will also find nightclubs and restaurants to enjoy your stay, we fully recommend using a private transfer service as the other methods will be very crowded by the high demand to visit this beautiful place in Mexico.

What to do in Akumal?

Akumal is one of those tourist areas that you fall in love with and cannot forget, it is a coastal area of the Riviera Maya that will give you magical and beautiful experiences to remember for a lifetime, a resort full of nature and entertainment for the benefit of everyone who visits it.

What to do in Akumal

What to do in Akumal?

This beautiful area of the Yucatan Peninsula has coral reefs and clear waters, bright white sand, a lot of marine life that will leave you amazed, and beautiful rivers, caves and cenotes that will leave you speechless thinking about wanting to return to visit and enjoy it again.

In this post we will be naming and explaining 15 things you can do or places you can visit during your stay in Akumal for the greatest possible enjoyment.

Akumal Beach

The beautiful Akumal Beach, known for being a luxury private beach, where you can eat in several restaurants and where you won’t have to walk too far from your hotel. Here you can hire a guide to enjoy the sea and swim with turtles or manta rays in a safe and fun way; at the end you will walk along the white sand with a great view of the landscape.

Yal-kú Lagoon

A secret of the entire Riviera Maya region, this beautiful lagoon is worthy of all admiration, here besides finding a place uncrowded by tourists and relaxing you will also find an artistic corridor and a place where fish make their lives with total freedom while being protected, this lagoon Yal-kú is known for the union of its currents of fresh water and salt water, so the fish spend much of their lives in this place and thus protect themselves naturally from predators.

What to do in Akumal - Yal-kú Lagoon

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is known for its famous coral reefs, and its beautiful marine life, from the fauna to the flora will leave you amazed in every possible way. Something we must make clear about this bay is that to visit it you must wear the right shoes to avoid getting hurt by the corals or the different marine rocks.

Dolphin Discovery

This beautiful dolphinarium or dolphin center is quite famous among locals and visitors to the area, here you can have the amazing experience of swimming with dolphins for about 40 to 60 minutes with surveillance and appropriate measures to make it safe for all participants.

And the dolphinarium not only focuses on the fun of swimming or playing with this species of aquatic mammals, but also focuses on educating those who visit about the anatomy of dolphins and how they behave.

What to do in Akumal - Dolphin Discovery

Akumal Ecological Center

The Akumal Ecological Center is dedicated to protect and preserve the ecosystem of the Akumal region, besides protecting the turtles of 4 beaches of the town, you can visit this place to learn about turtles and corals in its small museum, besides that if you have a little time and courage you can volunteer and help preserve turtles or their ecosystem, thus having magical memories.

Budha Garden SPA

This is an establishment that you probably won’t understand why it is here because a SPA is something very common around the world, but really this SPA has things that differentiate it from the rest, besides being located near the beach and having gardens that you will fall in love with, it has some blessing sessions and unique procedures of the Mayan culture, something that you will have to experience to understand the rage of this place.

What to do in Akumal - Budha Garden SPA

EcoRancho Mayamar

When thinking of the Riviera Maya the word “cenote” naturally comes to mind, this place called EcoRancho Mayamar is well known for its beautiful well preserved cenotes and its very knowledgeable guides. Their cenotes are mostly used for TV programs and shows because of the way they are preserved and cared for so that everyone can admire them as they truly are.

Natural Uxuxubi

This is a location inhabited by a rural community, which earns its income from more eco-friendly tourism, here you can see crocodiles and caimans in their most natural state, and you can also admire how this region has remained so stable by being mostly rural and offering vegetables grown by themselves.

Uxuxubi al Natural

Akumal Monkey Sanctuary

We are referring to monkeys that were rescued by the public animal protection services and then taken to this sanctuary. We could call it a zoo but the reality is that here the monkeys are free and humans only visit them without disturbing them, with the necessary security so that no one gets hurt.

Akumal Nature Rescue

This center is a natural reserve for the protection of biodiversity, here you will find all kinds of animals and plants, all of which are protected and cared for by the non-profit foundation. You can opt for a tour as if it were a safari being guided even by the owners of Akumal Nature Rescue, another thing we must say is that there is a private cenote with direct connection to a cave, it is semi-open and works to house other animal species.

Akumal Nature Rescue - que ver akumal

Aktun Chen

Aktun Chen, another of Akumal’s many ecological parks, you will find that it is a piece of jungle that is totally protected and cared for, here you will be able to see parrots, cuatíes, toucans, etc, all this in the safest and most guided way possible so as not to harm these species of animals. Another amazing and fun thing that will brighten up your trip and visit will be the zip line, which crosses the small jungle that houses Aktun Chen, so you will feel like part of it enjoying it even more, another thing you will find is a totally subway river where you can snorkel.

Xpu-ha Beach

We are talking about one of the beaches located between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, with clear water and totally white sand and soft to the touch, here you can hire tent services to hang out and relax, you can also order food in the nearby restaurants that give so much life to the town that you will end up loving it.

Playa Xpu-ha

Akumal Village

The town of Akumal is recognized in the community of Tulum for the care for the ecosystem that they have in each of its streets or places, these people are full of values and kindness, which will make you feel welcome and at home quickly. This town is full of life and warmth in every block you visit, even the small food stalls of the region make a difference, that we can guarantee.

Chemuyil Beach

One of those beaches that you can’t miss every time you come to Akumal, virgin sand and clear water, with marine life that will make you fall in love and even vegetation that will leave you speechless, this beach is only 10 minutes away from Akumal and is very close to Aktun Chen, which makes it a perfect plan to enjoy leaving Aktun Chen and watch the sunset at the edge of the beach without many people around.

Playa Chemuyil

Santa Cruz Cenote

This beautiful subway cenote is one of the most magical of the town, and the intimacy you feel when visiting it and witnessing all that mystical vibe, in response to the beliefs of the Mayans about the cenotes, you will be pleased to know that not many people can attend at the same time, so you will not feel like in a pool with more people, you will really want to come back to experience it.


To finish with this post of things or places to visit in Akumal we must tell you that you will love this location of the Riviera Maya, for all its magical touch and its eco-friendly greatness, all its people care about taking care of the environment and also to make you feel welcome the minute you step on their land, you will not regret to make this trip and enjoy with total confidence; we recommend that you use private transportation for a better experience and save much more time in transfer.

How to get to Tulum

If you are coming on vacation to the Riviera Maya and you are staying in a hotel, apartment or AirBNB in Tulum, you must be wondering how to get to Tulum? And of course, this question is especially for people who come to the Caribbean Mexico by plane, why? Well, because even though there is an airport in the city of Chetumal, 80% of the flights in the state of Quintana Roo arrive first to Cancun.

So, how to get to Tulum from Cancun Airport? Well, keep reading because here we will tell you how to do it and not die trying.

How to get to Tulum

How to get to Tulum

There are several ways to get to Tulum from Cancun city, from private transportation services to public transportation services. However, you have to consider that each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Each means of transportation will depend a lot on the type of traveler you are, so let’s know the options we have, from the best to the worst option.

Private Transportation

If you are a traveler who really wants to enjoy your vacation in Tulum without mishaps and without going through bad moments, no matter how minimal they may be, our private transfer service to Tulum is the ideal one for you.

Our service is totally private, equipped to take up to 9 people or groups of up to 16 people to Tulum and besides having ample space and luggage storage, it also has WIFI and are vehicles driven by certified drivers.

It is worth mentioning that here you no longer have to worry about schedules, since our drivers will be at the airport waiting for your flight to take you to the door of your accommodation in Tulum.

Private Transportation to tulum


The ADO shared transportation line may be the transportation service you need if you are looking to save a few pesos on your Caribbean Mexico vacation.

The ADO airport terminal has modules, where you can compare your ticket for the bus to Tulum, but you will have to wait for the bus departure time, so be patient.

Its advantage is to be less expensive than the private service, its disadvantage is to be a shared means of transportation, which has departure times and also, as such would not leave you at your hotel, it would leave you at the ADO terminal in Tulum, where you have to take a cab to your hotel or walk if it is not far.

ado to tulum

Collective Transportation

Collective transportation, better known as “Las Vans”, is a public transportation service that costs up to 45.00 MXN per passenger. As such, it is not located at the airport, but rather you have to go out to the main avenue and wait in the terminal to take it.

It is worth mentioning that since it is the cheapest means of transportation available, it is very popular among locals, so you may have to wait several hours for one that has room for its passengers, since these vehicles leave from downtown Cancun and during the trip to the main avenue of the airport they are usually full.

It should be noted that the odyssey does not end here, since the first van will leave you on the fifth avenue of Playa del Carmen, from where you have to take another unit with a drop off to Tulum.

In conclusion there are 2 vans that you take; each one has a cost of 45.00 MXN. They are not very comfortable, no trunk, but they do have air conditioning.

Collective Transportation to tulum


The cab from Cancun to Tulum is the worst way to get from Cancun to Tulum. First of all, there are very good cabs, but they are private companies and fall under the concept of private transportation. However, the “green” colored cabs that circulate in the city and at the airport usually charge up to 4,500.00 MXN for the transfer to Tulum.

They are not equipped with air conditioning, comfortable seats, are not large, do not have trunks and in the worst case the trip can be interrupted by various technical failures of the units.

We want to clarify that we are not underestimating the units, as they are very good to take as transportation to move within the city, but we do not recommend it for a long distance transfer like the one from Cancun to Tulum.

Cab to tulum


Now that you know which ones are the main transportation services that exist between Cancun to Tulum and which is the best way, the cheapest and the worst way, we remind you again: The best way to go to Tulum from Cancun is with our private transfer service and you can book it by clicking here.

The best cenotes in Tulum

If you want to know a little about the best cenotes in Tulum, but don’t know where to find good tourist information, you’ve come to the right place; cenotes are natural holes or lagoons that are built and fed by subway water. They are formed over thousands of years, due to the erosion of limestone rocks and caves.

Normally, these pits were known as divine for the Mayan culture; because they were used to promote vital liquid, it was believed to be the entrance to the world of the gods of the underworld. They are original fresh water wells, some open as pools surrounded by vegetation, and others completely closed in subway caverns.

The best cenotes in Tulum

Today they are the major attractions in Tulum and the entire Yucatan Peninsula. Some cenotes are very striking and touristy, with family facilities, others are very little visited and more wild.

The 5 best cenotes in Tulum

The Yucatan Peninsula and the state of Quintana Roo have been favored by the variety of nature; it has a large number of cenotes of inexplicable charm and many of them are near Tulum.

The cenotes are undoubtedly a natural beauty that you can’t miss if you go to Tulum; chosen for their beauty, means of aquatic entertainments and tourist services. Here is a top list of cenotes in Tulum that will dazzle you.

Gran Cenote

It is known as a crescent-shaped cenote; it is one of the best cenotes in Tulum and is located about 4 km from the Mayan ruins of Tulum; on one side of the road towards the archaeological site of Coba.

It is one of the best known cenotes in the Riviera Maya due to its services; which include restrooms, parking and equipment rental for underwater activities.

The water reaches a depth of 10 meters, divers have the opportunity to see a complex system of caves.

It also offers shallow areas where snorkelers can have fun and feel safe. These striking and transparent waters allow you to perceive rocky structures of whimsical shapes; in a view of areas with clear skies and areas with stone roofs.

Gran Cenote

Carwash Cenote

This is one of the best cenotes in Tulum; it earned its name Carwash from the Mayan civilization. It was formerly a cab wash, until the people of Quinta Roo began to use it as a tourist attraction.

Now it captures the attention of travelers from all over the world who go to enjoy its crystalline and fresh waters of little depth in the open portion; being ideal for children’s snorkeling.

It is a cenote that is not very open in the part of the cave, so it is visited by divers accompanied by authorized guides, the depth can reach 15 meters. The subterranean waters of this cenote intertwine with those of Zacil Ha.

The Carwash cenote is 8 kilometers from Tulum on the road to Cobá and is easy to enter.

Carwash Cenote The best cenotes in Tulum

Cristal Cenote

If you come to Tulum to visit the different cenotes, this one is a must; it is one of the best cenotes in Tulum, also called Cenote Naharon. Its entrance is on the Riviera Maya highway, a few kilometers from the archaeological zone.

It is characterized by its blue waters that form a natural pool and are surrounded by a large number of palm trees and other species of tropical flora of Quintana Roo.

Its depth is 5 meters, making it perfect for a fun family outing. Young and old have fun swimming and snorkeling in the shores and shaded parts of the cenote.

Cristal Cenote The best cenotes in Tulum


Escondido Cenote

This lagoon is one of the best cenotes in Tulum; it forms a pair of cenotes together with Cenote Cristal, with entrances at both corners of Federal Highway 307, 3 kilometers from Tulum.

The nature of this reserve, has completely crystalline floors and fresh waters of the cenote ensure comfortable baths before the peaceful gazes of the iguanas.

Escondido Cenote

Zacil-Ha Cenote

If you want to know all about the best cenotes in Tulum, the Zacil-Ha cenote cannot be left off your travel list. This cenote was discovered in the 80’s installed in a natural tourist center that also has swimming pools, restaurant with bar, entertainment equipment, restrooms and parking.

It is located 10 kilometers from Tulum, with access on the road to the Mayan site of Cobá. In its main area it has a depth of 3 meters; therefore, it is perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Zacil-Ha Cenote

Cenote turtle hunting

The turtle house cenote in Tulum is a natural reserve in the Riviera Maya to have fun with your family, friends or couple. In this place you can find tour services for the park’s cenotes, restaurant-bar and several lodging options, depending on your financial situation.

The tour of the cenotes turtle house includes a guided visit to several of these natural wonders; which have a depth of 1- 8 meters, crystal clear waters and an indescribable view.

Cenote turtle hunting


Tulum is a city surrounded by natural beauties and among them more than 30 cenotes. Some are well known and others not so well known, but without a doubt it is something that you have to know in your vacations in the Caribbean Mexico and if you still don’t have a reliable service that will take you from Cancun to Tulum, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are Cancun Shuttle, your transportation agency.