How to get to isla mujeres

How to get to isla mujeres from Cancun - Cancun Shuttle

Just 6 kilometers away from the city of Cancun, there is a beautiful and small island that has become an obligatory stop for thousands of travelers from Cancun and the Riviera Maya, this paradisiacal place is called Isla Mujeres and if you still don’t know how to get there, stay with us because in this article we will tell you how to get to Isla Mujeres.

How to get to isla mujeres

As its name suggests, Isla Mujeres is a small island paradise located about 6 km away from the coast of the city of Cancun and despite being a small place, it is a paradise for all people looking to enjoy the sea, the sun, the sand and show off their best swimsuits.

If you still don’t know much about the island, we invite you to read this post, where we will tell you everything you need to know to visit the place, because in this post we will tell you how to get to Isla Mujeres.

How to get to Isla Mujeres?

Isla Mujeres is a small island with only about 18 km long by about 4 km wide, so being a very small place, it has no airports for airplanes, helicopters and even private jets, so its access is by sea.

However, to date there is no direct route to reach the island by sea from Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Tulum or Holbox, so the route to cross to the island is made from the seaports of the city of Cancun.

Therefore, to go to Isla Mujeres from Cancun, the best option is through the ferry crossing of the Ultramar.

ferry to isla mujeres

Ultramar is the shipping giant that dominates the maritime routes of Cancun and the Riviera Maya, making it a very good option to go to the island. Of course, this option is ideal if your lodging is on the island or if you are looking to spend a whole day touring the place.

Otherwise, if you just want to take a tour to Isla Mujeres, where you will be taken to the main places of the region, there are several points, docks and terminals, from where you can hire the service of a private tour that can cost from 450.00 MXN to 850.00 MXN, depending on the season.

A very important point to know what kind of transportation is best to go to Isla Mujeres from Cancun, is to determine if you plan to stay for a long time or just enjoy a few hours. The reality of it is that the island is to enjoy it and if you only have 4 or 6 hours to be there, the best is a tour from Cancun that will take you to the best places of Isla Mujeres.

how to get to isla mujeres from cancun

But if you have much more time, you can choose to take the Ultramar ferry, because it is much cheaper and an excellent transfer option.

How much does it cost to go to Isla Mujeres?

The cost of the ferry to Isla Mujeres depends a lot on the maritime terminal you choose to cross. In the city of Cancun, there are 3 maritime terminals of Ultramar, however the favorite is the terminal of Puerto Juarez, where every 30 minutes a ferry departs to Isla Mujeres.

Isla Mujeres Ferry Fares

Terminal First Exit Last Departure Time Adults price
Child price
Puerto Juárez 6:30 AM 11.00 PM Cada 30 minutos 190.00 MXN 150.00 MXN
Playa Tortuga 10.00 AM 6.00 PM 15.00 USD 10.00 USD
El Embarcadero 10:15 AM 6:00 PM Table 15.00 USD 10.00 USD
Playa Caracol 11:15 AM 6:00 PM 15.00 USD 10.00 USD

How can I get to the ferry to Isla Mujeres?

The terminal of Puerto Juarez is the favorite to get to Isla Mujeres, firstly because its first departure is from 6 am and secondly, every 30 minutes the ferry departs to the island.

This means that this place is the favorite of thousands of travelers to get to Isla Mujeres quickly, so we recommend you to make use of our private transportation service from Cancun Airport.


private transportation service from Cancun Airport

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