Cancun Airport

Cancun Airport

Cancun International Airport is the second largest airport in Mexico after Mexico City airport, but it is the first in importance due to the amount of international flights it receives every day because of the attractiveness of Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

In fact, this airport is a “must stop” for anyone traveling on domestic or international flights and looking to spend an unforgettable Caribbean vacation on the beaches of Cancun or the Riviera Maya.

Cancun Airport

Cancun is one of the most important tourist cities in Mexico and the proximity to great natural attractions, beaches, cenotes, caverns and an unmatched gastronomic offer, accompanied by stunning beachfront hotels: make it worthy of your visit.

But you have to know that before you start enjoying your dream vacation, if you travel by plane your first stop will be Cancun’s international airport.

What is the time and distance from Cancun airport?

Below we will tell you about the location of the city’s airport, but right now we will tell you the approximate distance and time from the airport to some of the most important tourist spots in the Mexican Caribbean.

Airport – Cancun Downtown: 17.6 km is the distance from the airport to downtown Cancun, more specifically Las Palapas Park, which is considered the main point of downtown and the approximate transfer time is 20 minutes.

Airport – Cancun Hotel Zone: 22.7 km is the distance from the airport to the hotel zone. It should be noted that this distance varies depending on the hotel or place in the hotel zone where you want to go.

Airport – Costa Mujeres: 18 km is the distance from the airport to Costa Mujeres and the approximate time is 30 minutes. This time is due to the fact that you “drive” through the center of Cancun, where there can be a lot of traffic.

Airport – Playa Mujeres: 28.8 km is the distance from the airport to Playa Mujeres and the approximate transfer time is 30 minutes.

Airport – Ferry Ultramar Puerto Juarez: To get to Isla Mujeres, you have to make a short trip of about 20 to 30 minutes by sea and the terminal of Puerto Juarez is the busiest and ideal for this. Therefore, if you want to go to Isla Mujeres, you first have to arrive here and the distance from the airport to the sea terminal is 21.2 km and it takes approximately 30 minutes to get there.

Airport – Puerto Morelos: 25.6 km is the distance between the airport and Puerto Morelos. The transfer time is approximately 25 minutes,

Airport – Playa del Carmen: 55.4 km is the distance between the airport and the city of Playa del Carmen and the transfer time can be from 45 minutes to 1 hour. It all depends on the time of the trip, as there may be more or less vehicular traffic.

Airport – Tulum: The actual distance between the airport and Tulum is 117.9 km, however many people have rounded it up to 118k. Regardless of this, the approximate transfer time is 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Airport – Valladolid:162.4 km is the distance between Cancun airport and Valladolid. The approximate transfer time is 2 hours.

There are still many other places that we didn’t list, but you can realize that the Riviera Maya is not as “small as you think”, so try to investigate the time it takes to get there: Try to research the time and distance of the places you want to visit.

Cancun Airport Location

This famous airport is located in Cancun – Chetumal Km 22, 77565 Cancun, Q.R., Mexico, and is about 20 kilometers away from downtown Cancun or Cancun Downtown as tourists call it, it is also 25.6 kilometers from Puerto Morelos, which would translate to 39 minutes’ drive, and a distance of 55.1 kilometers from Playa del Carmen to the airport, with an estimated time of about 48 minutes.


This beautiful and spacious airport has several terminals, specifically 4 and between them have access to 50 different destinations around the world, each of these terminals has the necessary security measures, unlimited internet, access areas for the disabled, security service and medical service in addition to ATMs, pharmacies, stores, restaurants and more, here we will explain about each of them:

Terminal 1

The first terminal of the Cancun international airport normally receives private flights or jets, but there are times when it helps the other terminals with commercial flights, specifically airlines like magnicharters or VivaAerobus, which are national, it also has 7 gates, which go from number 1 to 7, defined as 1-7th.

Terminal 2

The second terminal is where national and international airline flights always arrive, in addition to domestic flights. It has two entrance gates, one on the right side of the airport and the other on the left side of the place, these are divided into national and international.

It is visited by airlines such as: Aerolineas Argentinas, Alaska Airlines, Arkefly, Azurair, Blue Panorama Airlines, Inerjet, Wingo, Neos, and more.

Terminal 3

The third terminal is considered the main terminal of the airport since it receives the most important international airlines.

It is visited by airlines such as: AirCanada, Alitalia, JetBlue Airways, United, Airberlin, Emirates, Korean Air, Air New Zealand, American Airlines, and many more.

Terminal 4

The fourth terminal of the airport is the newest and receives flights from the United States, Europe, among others.

It is visited by airlines such as: AirFrance, Frontier, AirEuropa, Condor, Westjet, Icelandair, Eurowings, Interjet and more.

How to get out of Cancun airport

As we have seen above: The airport is not close to the city or other cities, destinations or attractions. So how do I get out of here?

Well, depending on where your hotel is located, you have the private transfer service, cabs, ADO bus and for the adventurous and backpackers, the Playa Express transfer.

Actually, the least complicated option and that will help you avoid any mishaps and even pay more, is the private transfer service and we can offer it to you. Click here to book.

Cab is another transfer option to leave the airport if you are traveling with 2 more people and finally, the cheapest option is the ADO bus.


Without a doubt, the city’s airport is the busiest point to get to and from this Caribbean paradise, so now that you know a little about it, the distance, the time and some options to get out of here, we can only wish you an unforgettable vacation in the city.

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