If you are staying in one of the best hotels in Tulum, something you can’t miss is to visit the archaeological site of Coba, a hidden area among the immensity of the Mayan jungle and which is located just 47 km from Tulum.

And if you are still looking for reasons to know “why” you should visit this area, then keep reading because we will answer you right now.



In ancient times Coba was a remarkable city among the Mayas that was built between the years 500 and 900, with a population that began almost two thousand years ago.

Right in the province of Tulum in Quintana Roo is located the town of Coba, where the famous archaeological ruins of Coba are located, it is a town that has a variety of attractions to see and where you can do various interesting activities.

A characteristic that stands out in Cobá is that it is a place in the Riviera Maya somewhat isolated from mass tourism, allowing the inhabitants of the area to live at a more relaxed pace, surrounded by nature.

For those who wish to visit Cobá, getting to this site is not difficult at all, since it is accessible from different tourist destinations such as Playa del Carmen, Tulum or Cancun, even using public transportation; although what is most recommended is to opt for guided tours.

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Various activities that can be done in Cobá

If you are wondering if it is really worth visiting Coba, we leave you with a list of things to do here.

Contemplate Nohoch Mul

The tallest pyramid in Yucatan, which is 42 meters high. The recommendation is to visit it and climb its sacred stairs, which provide a feeling of vertigo and amazement at the same time.

When you reach the top, from there you can contemplate the aerial view of the site and appreciate all the green majesty of the place.

Exploring the site

Due to the great extension of the archaeological site of Cobá, the recommendation is to explore the site with enough time, so that you can recognize the cultural heritage of great value that it offers.

Another unmissable place is to visit the oldest network of stone roads in the Mayan world, also known as white roads or saché. Delving into the origins of the Mayan civilization is an adventure not to be missed.

The Mayan stone stelae can also be appreciated while touring the various constructions of this enigmatic city; they are messages that the Mayan civilization left on the rocks.

Another activity that offers a lot of fun is to venture into the pre-Columbian past of the Coba jungle, where physical activity and nature are combined while practicing certain sports and activities such as:


It is a sport that is usually practiced thanks to the great extension of territory, the ideal is to do it accompanied with guides due to the intricate terrain and given the ecological characteristics of the area.

Riding a bicycle

Depending on the visitor’s preference, the archaeological zone can be visited on foot or by bicycle.


This activity is available in Cobá, it is a fun descent through a cable that extends from a high tree to a smaller one.


The jungle area of Coba has lakes and rivers where you can experience canoeing, it is certainly a refreshing adventure.


A very relaxing activity in the middle of nature that can be enjoyed alone or as a couple is sailing in canoes on a calm lake surrounded by vegetation.


Coba is the area you have to visit if you are looking for family, outdoor, eco-tourist, historical and cultural activities. Now, if you are in the city of Cancun, don’t forget that we have a private shuttle service and we can help you get to Coba from Cancun.

So don’t just visit this incredible place in the Riviera Maya, don’t just visit Coba.

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