How to get to Bacalar from Cancun

How to get to Bacalar from Cancun

Are you planning a trip to Bacalar but don’t know how to get there from Cancun? Well, before we get into this article it is necessary to tell you that Bacalar is not at all close to the city of Cancun. In fact, the city of Bacalar is located 340 km from the city of Cancun and the trip can take from 4 to 5 hours.

Como llegar a Bacalar desde Cancún

Of course, this distance can be very short depending on where you are but for the sake of this article we will only tell you how to get to Bacalar from Cancun city or from Cancun airport.

How to get to Bacalar from Cancun

Bacalar is located 340 km from the city of Cancun and this is equivalent to a trip of approximately 4 to 5 hours. It all depends on the means of transportation you choose, as well as the schedule, the weather and the traffic on the road.

So in summary you can get to Bacalar through a private transfer service, through ADO’s shared transport service or through a combination of the public transfer services of Playa Express, Transporte Foráneo de Tulum and ADO.

A little lost? Well, now we’ll explain it in more detail so go get your coffee and keep reading our post.

cancun a bacalar

Private transfer

To save you absolutely all kind of hassles: The private transfer service is your best option to go to Bacalar from Cancun or from Cancun airport.

This service as such will pick you up at your hotel in the hotel zone, downtown or if you are arriving at the airport, they will be waiting for you!

That way you no longer have to wait in line or wait longer than you should and without further ado you would be transferred in a comfortable VAN type unit that can carry up to 8 people and all, absolutely all very comfortably.

In addition, this type of vehicle comes equipped with air conditioning, free WIFI, cell phone charger and of course, driven by a chauffeur who is not only experienced, but also certified.

Want to make your trip more enjoyable? We have news for you, you can do it by customizing your transfer service with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and different foods.

Traslado privado a bacalar

What is the cost of the private transfer?

Current prices for private transfers to Bacalar from Cancun are $6,821.00 MXN. These prices can go up or down depending on the season and the price of gasoline.


Do you want a shared ride to Bacalar? Well, then you can make use of the ADO service only that this type of service is not available from the airport.

What does that mean? If you are at the Cancun airport and want to go to Bacalar you first have to get to downtown Cancun, more specifically to the ADO Cancun terminal.

Once you are at the ADO terminal, just buy your ticket to Bacalar and wait for the departure time to board the bus.

It should be noted that this means of transportation is very economical, but you will be sharing it with other people and it is not equipped with WIF, only with air conditioning.

ado a bacalar

What is the cost of the ADO to Bacalar?

Currently (2022) the cost of the ADO transfer from Cancun to Bacalar is 556.00 MXN. This cost may vary depending on the night transfer schedule and has as the center of Bacalar.

Public transportation

Last but not least: Public transportation. First of all there is no public transportation, however the hundreds of travelers and visitors to Cancun have decided to call it that.

So how is the process? Well, first of all this means of transportation is only available from downtown Cancun, so if you are in the city airport, you have to get to downtown first.

Once in downtown, you have to locate the ADO terminal where you will find in front of it the base of “Playa Express”. Playa Express is a transportation line that runs the Cancun – Playa del Carmen route.

The cost of Playa Express is 55.00 MXM per person and once you get to the fifth avenue of Playa del Carmen, you have to take another transfer service but now to the city of Tulum.

The transportation you must take is the “Tulum shuttle service” and its destination is the center of the city of Tulum.

Now yes, from Tulum you are a little closer to Bacalar so from here you can take an ADO bus that costs 350.00 MXN and its destination is the center of Bacalar.

In total you would spend 460.00 MXN for the outbound transfer and 460.00 MXN for the return transfer per person or 920.00 MXN round trip to Bacalar.


Well, now we have explained the logistics of how you can get to Bacalar from Cancun and of course, we hope this explanation will help you get to this amazing magical town in the state of Quintana Roo. See you in our next post!

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