How to get to Puerto Morelos from Cancun?

Puerto Morelos is a beautiful fishing village that is part of the state of Quitana Roo and not long ago, became the eleventh municipality of the same.

Cómo llegar a Puerto Morelos desde Cancún

This charming place is divided into Puerto Morelos Pueblo and Puerto Morelos hotel zone and if you have chosen this place to spend your Caribbean vacation, right now our team will tell you what are the options you have to get to Puerto Morelos from Cancun or from Cancun airport. So let’s get started.

How to get to Puerto Morelos from Cancun?

To summarize the article: If you are in downtown Cancun, you can get to Puerto Morelos by private transfer, cab, ADO or Playa Express service, but if you are at the Cancun airport then you will have to use the private transfer or cab. Confused? Don’t worry nephew, because we are going to explain it right now.

Private transfer

If you are in downtown Cancun and just want to visit Puerto Morelos or you are staying in Puerto Morelos and your first stop is the Cancun International Airport: The private transfer service is one of the best options to get to your hotel or to the place you need in Puerto Morelos.

As its name suggests, this is a totally private service for you and your friends or family, a service that can pick you up at the hotel where you are or wait for your arrival at the airport in the city.

As a plus of this means of transportation is that it can leave you at the door of the hotel or place you want to visit in Puerto Morelos and not “where you can” as the other transfer services that we will see below.

It should be noted that this transportation has the capacity to carry up to 8 passengers and all traveling very comfortably, plus: It has air conditioning, free WIFI and can be customized with food and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

On the other hand, let’s not forget that we can take our service to another level by choosing other types of vehicles, such as luxury transfer, in a Cadillac or even in a limousine.

Traslado privado a puerto morelos


If you are in downtown Cancun you can take a cab to Puerto Morelos without any problem, although it should be noted that cabs in the city are not very nice, neat and equipped. So it would be up to you whether or not to take one of them.

What if I am at the Cancun airport? Here you can do two things, you can either book a private cab or stand in line outside the airport to take a cab. The difference between the cabs in downtown Cancun is that the airport cabs are more well-kept, air-conditioned and much more comfortable.

It is worth mentioning that cabs are small units with a maximum capacity of 3 passengers and little luggage.


Another option that can only be taken from downtown Cancun as such is the ADO. The ADO runs the Cancun Playa del Carmen route, but makes small stops between the town of Puerto Morelos and the hotel zone. Therefore, you can ask to be dropped off at that location.

ADO a puerto morelos

Playa Express

Last but not least: Playa Express. This shared transfer has a cost of 55.00 MXN and can be taken only in downtown Cancun. As such, it runs along the Cancun – Playa del Carmen route, but since the city of Puerto Morelos is between these two destinations, Playa Express is an excellent option for a cheap transfer to this charming fishing village.

Playa Express a Puerto Morelos


Of all the options we mentioned, the cab and private transportation are the only ones that can leave you at the door of your hotel or region of Puerto Morelos you want to get to and the other two, would only leave you near the main avenue and you would have to take another means to get where you want to go.

So now that you know this, which option do you think is perfect for you? We’ll read you in the comments.

Route of the cenotes of Puerto Morelos

One of the mystical and enigmatic places in Puerto Morelos that you must visit is the famous route of the cenotes. A route that along more than 50 kilometers will dazzle you with various open, semi-open and closed cenotes, from which you can enjoy its crystalline waters and of course, explore a little of the Mayan jungle of Puerto Morelos.

Route of the cenotes of Puerto Morelos

Among the list of things to do in Puerto Morelos, the cenotes route should be one of them. But first we tell you, the route of the cenotes of Puerto Morelos, has more than 20 different types of cenotes and each one of them, has different access costs, facilities and of course, its own atmosphere that you will love.

If you still don’t know how to get to Puerto Morelos, don’t worry and let our private transfer team to Puerto Morelos take care of it, while you just take care of enjoying the trip and now, let’s get to know a little more about the Puerto Morelos cenotes route.

Puerto Morelos Cenotes Route

The route of the cenotes is part of Puerto Morelos and is a place a little “hidden” to the eyes of the people. However, it is a completely magical place of the Riviera Maya and you have to know, discover and immerse yourself in each of its cenotes and adventures that it has for you.

Puerto Morelos Cenotes Route

Where is the route of the cenotes?

The route of the cenotes, is part of Puerto Morelos and is located just 25 minutes from the city of Cancun and to get there, it is necessary to pay close attention to the detour that exists between Puerto Morelos and Poblando de Leona Vicario.

How to get to the route of the cenotes?

To get to the route of the cenotes from Cancun, you have to take federal highway 307 towards Playa del Carmen.  Remember that Puerto Morelos is located halfway between Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Well, arriving to Puerto Morelos, you will notice a bridge in the distance.

As such, this bridge is a “high speed pass” to continue your way to Playa del Carmen and the low speed road (the one that does not go over the bridge), is the road to enter Puerto Morelos town or Puerto Morelos Hotel Zone.

Well, you have to take the low speed road but do not “turn” to any side to go to the town or to the Puerto Morelos zone, otherwise you have to continue a little further on, where you will notice on the right hand side a big arch that says “Ruta de los cenotes”. Well, this is the turnoff to enter the route of the cenotes of Puerto Morelos.

Route of the cenotes of Puerto Morelos

Cenotes of the Cenotes Route

Now that we know what the route of the cenotes is, where it is located and how to get there, let’s get to know some of the best cenotes of the place. Let’s start!

Cenote Sol y Luna

Cenote Sol y Luna is the first cenote that we will find on our way and it is a nice place to spend a whole day and afternoon with the family. The approximate access cost is 350.00 MXN and in it you will first find a small hacienda, with a restaurant and several pools, including children’s pools.

With your access to the place, you can be enjoying the sun, the lounge chairs and the pools. Or, if you go a little further in, you will find the entrance to the Sol y Luna cenote.

It is an open, green cenote with an area where you can take your best dives, enjoy the zip line or just swim in it.

It is worth mentioning that the place has lounge chairs, hammock areas (at an extra cost) and a bar to enjoy your favorite drinks.  But that’s not all, because with your access you can enjoy the temazcal ceremony and visit the small animal sanctuary that the place has.

It is worth mentioning that the place also has ATV’s, and you can enjoy them at an extra cost.

Cenotes of the Cenotes Route

Cenote Verde Lucero

Going a little further into the route of the cenotes, we will find Cenote Verde Lucero. A cenote that lives up to its name, because it has an intense green color that even allows you to see the clear reflection of the sky.

This is an open cenote and has an access cost of 100.00 MXN per person. It has small palapas with tables and chairs, as well as lounge chairs and, of course, life jackets. Like the previous one, you can enjoy swimming, diving or zip-lining.

It should be noted that the cenote is a little hidden, so it will be necessary to pay close attention to the signs on the road and when you see the one that says “verde lucero”, enter through a path that you will walk for about 5 minutes until you reach it.

Cenote Verde Lucero

Zapote Cenote

This Zenote is located in the park that has the same name and is a 100% family friendly place for children and adults. In this place you can practice hiking, diving, snorkeling, as well as diving.

And if you are thinking of celebrating your wedding in a cenote, this place is perfect because you can even rent it for parties, weddings and other types of social events.

It is worth mentioning that this is an open cenote and its depth is 52 meters deep and you will be amazed by its incredible mineral formations known as “Bells of the Underworld”, stalactites that grew underwater. To observe them it is necessary to dive and have a certification that certifies that you are an expert diver, because they are at a great depth.

But that’s not all, because this place also allows you access to two other nearby cenotes called Abuelo Che Che and Las Palmas; you will also find a zip line, bicycle tours and ATV circuits.

cenote zapote puerto morelos

Cenote Siete Bocas

This is a semi-open cenote and its name comes from the fact that it has seven vents, some of them connected to each other, which allows you to swim from one to another while you enjoy watching the roots of the trees fall in search of water or admire the stalactites.

It should be noted that access to this place is approximately 300.00 MXN per person and although it has bathrooms, it does not have many amenities like other places. But it is well worth visiting.

cenote 7 bocas ruta de los cenotes


There are still more cenotes to name, but we hope that these few places we have mentioned will encourage you to come and visit this mystical passage of Puerto Morelos and don’t forget that if you need a transportation service, we can help you with our private transfer service Puerto Morelos.


Puerto Morelos Lighthouse

Have you noticed that in most photos of Puerto Morelos, a small leaning lighthouse appears? This is the famous Puerto Morelos Lighthouse and it is a distinguished emblem of the city that you have to know.

Puerto Morelos Lighthouse

The Puerto Morelos Lighthouse is a tourist icon that is impossible not to notice while walking or going into the beaches of this paradisiacal place, because unlike other types of lighthouses in the place, this one is tilted, but why?

Puerto Morelos Lighthouse

The lighthouse of Puerto Morelos, is a structure that witnessed countless meteorological phenomena that came to pass through the area. As is to be expected, many of them left destruction and even human losses in their wake.

However, none of them managed to have the destructive force until 1967, when Hurricane Beulah reached the Yucatan Peninsula.

This hurricane is considered one of the strongest and most destructive to hit the region, destroying in its path many coastal constructions, as well as houses, but it never managed to knock down the main lighthouse of what was at that time a small and tiny town.

Puerto Morelos Lighthouse

The only thing it managed to do between its strong gusts of air and challenging sea swell, was to tilt the lighthouse to the right side.

The locals decided at that time to leave it tilted, without getting involved in placing it in the right way (straight) and all as a reminder of the hurricane and of course, as an emblem of strength, courage and unity of the villagers.

Little by little, the city grew and the lighthouse remained intact, leaning and withstanding other hurricanes that hit the coast, but none was strong enough to knock it down.

That is why it became one of the greatest representative icons of Puerto Morelos and we can even find it proudly printed on its national coat of arms.


The lighthouse of Puerto Morelos is an icon that you can visit for free, since it is located at the entrance of the main beach and the port of Puerto Morelos, a perfect place to admire, take pictures and simply admire. You have to add it to your list of things to do in Puerto Morelos.

And remember, if you are staying in Puerto Morelos and still don’t know how to get to your hotel from Cancun airport, we can help you with a private transfer service to Puerto Morelos.


Things to do in Puerto Morelos

From enjoying its beaches, its gastronomy, walking its streets and living an adventure in one of its mystical cenotes, these are just some of the things to do in Puerto Morelos.

But no, it is not just another place in the Riviera Maya, Puerto Morelos is very different from all the other municipalities in the state of Quintana Roo, where parties, bars, plazas and cinemas make their presence felt.

puerto morelos

Puerto Morelos is surrounded by a great calmness that its streets possess, a pleasant tranquility among nature, but don’t be fooled because this small place will surprise you with all the series and quantity of activities that it has prepared for you.

Puerto Morelos

The city of Puerto Morelos is located very close to the city of Cancun. It is only 38k from downtown and 25.6 km from the airport and getting to Puerto Morelos from Cancun is very easy.

There are different ways to get to Puerto Morelos, however, the most recommended is through our private transportation service. Remember that we have excellent units, affordable prices and we guarantee you to live a unique travel experience to your destination.

thong to do puerto morelos

Things to do in Puerto Morelos

There are many activities to do in Puerto Morelos and many things to see that will impress you, swimming, walking, eating delicious food, practicing water sports or knowing different natural spectacles are just some of the things you can do in this growing town.

Puerto Morelos has a privileged location within the Riviera Maya, very close to Cancun and Tulum, there are many things to do in Puerto Morelos, so let’s start.

Strolling its streets

Puerto Morelos is exactly a town because it still has that particular charm and tranquility of a fishing village, which is combined with the beach life and the thick Mayan jungle giving an impressive nuance that leaves enchanted all who are given the opportunity to visit it.

When in this beautiful town one of the things to do is to tour it by bicycle, walking or in a golf cart, where you will find a beautiful picturesque square with restaurants, stores, cafes, bars, among others.

Strolling its streets

Visit the Lighthouse

The Leaning Lighthouse is the representative icon of Puerto Morelos, which attracts a lot of attention from visitors, and has a great history that is worth knowing. This icon of the city can be found at the main entrance to the beaches of the city.

This lighthouse keeps the history of one of the strongest hurricanes that hit the state of Quintana Roo many years ago and almost knocked it down. It didn’t make it, however it left as a reminder of the force of nature the inclination that has become an icon of the city.

Visit the Lighthouse - to do puerto morelos

Diving in the Barco Cañonero (Cannon Boat)

This ship was intentionally sunk on October 28, 2000 to convert it into an artificial reef and which is located exactly 30 meters deep and 2 kilometers from the shore of one of the beaches of Puerto Morelos which makes it ideal for surfing.

The cannon boat has three decks to explore, on the upper deck it is common to see large rays, fish over 150 kilos, among others, to reach this place you must take a boat trip that lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Diving in the Barco Cañonero (Cannon Boat)

Secret Beach

Just 14 kilometers south of Puerto Morelos and on the way to Playa del Carmen is Playa Secreto, one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Mexico and certainly one of the most uncongested of the entire Riviera Maya, yes of the entire Riviera Maya.

Playa Secreto is a beach of intense turquoise blue waters and soft white sand that so far is off the radar of tourists, the few stores that are near Playa Secreto provide for all the needs that visitors have.

Secret Beach

Swim with Dolphins

If one of the experiences you want to live is to swim with dolphins, it is without a doubt one of the things to do in Puerto Morelos because in this destination you will find the ideal place to do it, Delphinus is an organization that offers the most enchanting experience in the Mexican Caribbean to swim with dolphins.

Swim with Dolphins -thing to do in puerto morelos

Puerto Morelos Reef National Park

Puerto Morelos Reef National Park is located 35 kilometers from Cancun and 34 kilometers from Playa del Carmen, this park is part of the great barrier reef of the Great Western Atlantic Reef Belt which was declared in 1998 as a natural protected area.

If you like adventure this is the perfect opportunity, because in this reef you can snorkel or dive in its thousand kilometers extension, however you want a quieter plan you can also swim in its crystal clear waters in a specifically delicate place where the waves are no bigger than 15 cm, ideal for children.

Puerto Morelos Reef National Park

Cenotes Route

One of the biggest advantages of Puerto Morelos and one of its main attractions is the well-known route of the cenotes, something that Puerto Morelos and Tulum have in common is to be surrounded by the Mayan jungle and the amazing Caribbean Sea which allows tourists to enjoy salt water and fresh water just a few kilometers away.

In this route of the cenotes you can visit approximately 20 cenotes that make up this route that you cannot miss, each of these cenotes has its own characteristic, underground, open air or with caverns are just some of the ones you can find and in which you can enjoy different activities full of adventures.

Cenotes Route .thing to do puerto morelos


One of the things to do in Puerto Morelos is definitely eating, you can not leave here without visiting one of its restaurants, in this place you can get many international restaurants where you can find international dishes fused with typical Mexican food, in Puerto Morelos you can also get many local restaurants with typical food of the area.



Puerto Morelos is undoubtedly one of those little paradises that are part of the Riviera Maya and the perfect place for all people looking for a place of tranquility, relaxation and calm. Without a doubt you have to come and visit it.